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Back in Fall of 2018, a group of friends gathered together with merely an idea, which would quickly grow legs and lead to the creation of the Boston Union Base Ball Club. In a tribute to the 1884 Boston Unions of the short-lived Union Association, our club is comprised of a uniquely blended group of new and veteran players alike. We are passionate about honoring the storied tradition of America's favorite pastime and primarily emulate the rules and customs of the game as they were all the way back in 1864.

2022 will mark the fourth season in existence for the Boston Union Base Ball Club and our roster and collection of signature gingham uniform tops continues to grow.  If you have made it this far, why not travel back in time with us and soak in a 19th-century rules contest for yourself?  We are active from Spring through Fall each year and would love to see you at our next contest.



Providence Grays


Mudville BBC


Rocky Point State Park RI

Home @ TBD Boston Field


Thames BBC


Fort Trumbull, New London CT


Cornish 1-Day Baseball Festival

@ Cornish Maine


Mudville BBC

George's Island - Boston MA

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